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Siddhagad is situated near Kalyan and is surrounded by Gorakhgad and Machchindragad. It consists of two parts, Siddhagad machi and balekilla. It is quite easy to get to Siddhagad machi but climbing the summit (balekilla) takes some caution while climbing rock patches and traversing exposed areas. It attracts people for its stunning views and exciting climb.

District - Thane

Height above mean sea level - 2750 feet.

Base Village -

Duration of trek
- 1 day.

Region -
Malshej range.

Time to reach the top -
3 hours to village of Siddhagad, then another 45 minutes to the fort.

Water/Food Availability
- You can get water as well as food at the village of Siddhagad.

Best season to visit - You can go till the village of Siddhagad in the monsoons too, which is very beautiful during the monsoons. But going to the top is very risky in the monsoons and best avoided. Make trips in the winter to complete the trek.

Sights to visit - A dwaar that leads to the village and Fort remnants at the top.
Also a cave halfway from Siddhagad village to the top, where a baba used to live, provides an amazing view of the adjacent mountain.

Difficulty Rating -

Endurance required -

Shelter -
You can stay at the village of Siddhagad and there is ample space to even pitch a tent.

How to get there -
Catch a local train from Dadar to Kalyan. From there on, take a tum-tum or an ST bus to Murbad. Then take share tum-tum or hire one to take you to Mashe. From Mashe, you get share tum-tums again to Narivali.


  • Climbing Siddhagad from Narivali takes about 3 hours. But I have also heard of a shorter route from Jambroota which takes 2 hours. I have never been through that route.
  • As you continue along the trek, you need to take a right as the stone steps end. You see a dwaar (gate) like structure and you go through it which takes you to the village of Siddhagad.
  • It makes sense to take a guide from the village of Siddhagad to take you to the top. From a safety as well as navigation point of view.
  • The baba's cave is worth visiting for a splendid view of the adjacent mountains.
  • The last rock patch towards the top is quite thrilling and one needs to be a bit careful here.

The base village of Narivali

The peak as seen from the start

The trail that starts off the trek

Baba's cave

The view from near the Baba's cave

Wayne, Aakash and me against the backdrop of Siddhagad village

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