Thursday, 9 February 2012


Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra at 1,646 m (5,400 ft). It is situated near the village of Bari. After reaching Bari, a small stream is crossed followed soon after by a Hanuman temple. The route from behind this temple takes the hiker straight to the summit. The summit has a small temple which can seat 3 people and the summit itself is very small.

According to the legend, Kalsu was a household help who worked on one condition that she should not be asked to clean pots or sweep however she was forced to do that by her employer. She did as she was told, but immediately climbed the hill and stayed there till her death!
- Ahmadnagar.

Height above mean sea level - 5400 feet.

Base Village - Bari.

Duration of trek - 1 day.

RegionKalsubai range, Igatpuri.

Time to reach the top - 3 hours to the top.

Water/Food Availability - You get drinking water in the season of monsoon in the well which is on the way. This water isn't potable in the winter though.

Best season to visit - Monsoon and Winter.

Sights to visit - Temple at the top.

Difficulty RatingEasy.

Endurance required - 3/5.

Shelter - None.

How to get there - As local trains don't go to Igatpuri, find out about out station trains that stop there. We used the Mumbai-Amritsar express and travelled in the General comparment. From Igatpuri take an ST bus to Bari.

  1. Reach Igatpuri at night itself and try to get accomodation. We spent the night at the station itself, on some seats. Igatpuri station has NO waiting room for general travellers but has one for AC travellers.
  2. The first bus from Igatpuri to Bari leaves at around 5 a. m.
  3. Take enough water from the base, Bari itself. You can get breakfast at Bari too.
  4. Mark your progress by the number of ladders you crossed. There are 3 ladders in all, the last of which takes you to the top, that has just a small land and a temple.
  5. There is no place to live on the top, unless you plan to camp.
  6. There are beautiful and rare blue flower fields on the top during the monsoon, a must see!
  7. There is not much of a view in the monsoon due to clouds and fog blocking the way during the monsoon.
  8. Its a long trek, so carry atleast 3 litres of water.
  9. You can climb without a guide too, a lot of people frequent this trek so it won't cause much of a problem.  

Photo courtesy: Sahil Jagasia.


  1. Does this trek require trekking equipments such as ropes harness etc.??

  2. can we get some sort of accomodation( at school/ villegers house) at bari if we plan to reach a night before and start trek early morning???

  3. You might at one of the villager's places but I wouldn't depend on it. I had spent my night at the railway station till morning and took the first bus to Bari from Igatpuri station.

  4. I will be starting my trek at 2:30/3AM to reach in time for sunrise, is this advisable? Do people normally trek kalsubai at this hour? Are there lights on the trek path?

  5. It is certainly doable as the path is pretty much straightforward, but I wouldn't advice that if its your first time there. There are no lights on the way. I don't think people trek Kalsubai at that that time. Hope that helps you!