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Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Malshej range near Junnar. It used to serve as a trade route during the Satvahana reign more than 2000 years ago, between Kalyan and Junnar. Naneghat is derived from 'Nane' meaning coin and 'ghat' meaning pass. It still has a 2000 year old toll collection Ranjan that was used during that time.

District - Junnar

Height above mean sea level
2750 feet.
Base Village - Vaishakhare is the nearest village. Trek starts a few kilometers ahead of Vaishakhare, where there is a divergence towards the hills.

Duration of trek - 1 day.

Region - Malshej

Time to reach the top - 2 and a half.

Water/Food Availability - Water cisterns, village at the top.
Best season to visit - Anytime.

Sights to visit -
Cave, old transcript, Old Ranjan for toll collection

Difficulty Rating - Easy.

Endurance required - 3/5.

Shelter - Cave at the top.

How to get there - Mumbai to Kalyan to Murbad via S. T. bus or share rickshaw - Murbad to Tokavade or take a direct bus to Vaishakhare or Nagar (Ahmednagar) and ask to get off at Naneghat.

  1. When taking a direct bus to Nagar, ask the conductor beforehand to stop at Naneghat as it is not a legitimate stop. Most conductors don't agree, but some do and stop in the middle of the road near the divergence known as Naneghat phata.
  2. When trekking to Naneghat, follow the trail till you see the electric posts. If the trail ends, walk towards the electric tower and follow the trail below it to the top.
  3. Keep your eyes on the rocks below as there are arrow marks frequently. If you take a trail and arrow marks stop, or if it looks like a water way, head back and find the arrows. We have been lost there a couple of times now but managed to reach the top anyway.
  4. Naneghat is a mountain pass, so keep going towards the general direction of the pass to not lose your way.
  5. Naneghat has a big cave that can accomodate 25 people easily! Shelter is not a problem here. Water cistern usually has clean water in monsoon and winter.
  6. Be careful of monkey near the top.
  7. Naneghat is the only trek yet in which we have spotted snakes every time we have went. Make enough noise while walking and be careful and you should be alright.
  8. Naneghat is apparently going to go under construction and a direct road is going to be constructed from the Kalyan side. Trekking there will be prohibited then. Make sure you enjoy the trek once, before it gets destroyed.
  9. The rock patch towards the top is especially beautiful and there is a Ranjan that is more than 2000 years old that was used for toll collection!
  10. Naneghat also serves as an alternate route to trek Jivdhan, Hadsar and Chavand. Jivdhan is the closest to Naneghat, where others are preferred treks via Junnar.
  11. Naneghat has an amazing place to camp and is also generally a good place to start camping as it is very safe and poses minimal risks. The place we camped, had cliffs on three sides and an amazing view. It is situated to the right after you cross the Naneghat pass. Inform the villagers as not to anger them.


The entrance, a.k.a. Naneghat phata.

The famous Naneghat electric towers.

The rock path towards the end.

The cave.

The pass, i.e. Naneghat!

Where we camped once, amazing spot.
The sign that declares the start to the trek.

The road from Vaishakhare towards Naneghat phata.

The pass as seen from below.

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