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Gorakhgad is a small hill fort situated near Murbad, Kalyan. It is at a height of 2140 feet and is named after Saint Gorakhnath. There are two pinnacles side by side, the bigger one is Gorakhgad and the smaller one is Machchindragad. It's an easy trek till the cave, which can accomodate close to 25 people. The temple at the summit requires climbing a thrilling rock patch, which is doable if you are careful.
District - Thane.

Height above mean sea level - 2140 feet.

Base Village - Dehari

Duration of trek - 1 day.

Region - Malshej

Time to reach the top - 1 and a half.

Water/Food Availability - Water is available at the cave near the top.
Best season to visit - Anytime.

Sights to visit - A cave where a baba still lives and a temple.

Difficulty Rating - Medium.

Endurance required - 2/5.

Shelter - Cave at the top near the temple.

How to get there - Mumbai --> Kalyan to Murbad via S. T. bus or share rickshaw - Murbad to Mashe via bus or rickshaw - Mashe to Dehari via rickshaw.

  1. My favourite trek for adventurists or beginner trekkers looking for a thrill. This one has everything, a good trek, some rock climbing, some exposed areas that give you a thrill and an amazing summit with a great view.
  2. Be wary of taking people afraid of heights.
  3. Winds sometime get very strong, advance with caution near the steps during high winds.
  4. Shelter is available at the cave which the baba inhabits.
  5. Be cautious during the last half hour rock step patch.
  6. Some monkeys, mostly harmless.

The view from the base village.

Base village of Dehari.

The summit.

View of the adjacent hills.

A peak to the opposite of Kothligad.

Temple on the summit - 1.

Temple on the summit - 2.


Trail leading upto the summit.

The view from top.

Again the peak opposite to Kothligad. Seems untrekkable.

The beautiful rock cut steps.

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