Thursday, 1 November 2012


Tandulwadi is a hilltop fort which offers a great view of the confluence of rivers Vaitarna and Surya. It is located between forests and offers a thrilling climb in the last 45 minutes of the trek.

District - Thane

Height above mean sea level - 1900 feet.
Base Village - Tandulwadi. 

Duration of trek - 1 day.

Time to reach the top - 2 and a half hours.

Water/Food Availability -There is a cistern on top, but I don't know if it has potable water in monsoons. Other seasons, carry enough water for yourself.
Best season to visit - Anytime.

Sights to visit - View from the top of the confluence of rivers Vaitarna and Surya.

Difficulty Rating - Medium.

Endurance required - 3/5.

Shelter - None

How to get there - Mumbai to Virar by local train, then a shuttle to Dahanu Road, but get off at Saphale ( Second station after Virar), from there a tum-tum or S. T. bus to the base village, Tandulwadi.


  • A straight-forward trek, no guide required, the route is marked at points along the way.
  • No shelter on top, but there's a huge plateau to camp on.
  • The top offers a beautiful view on almost all sides.
  • The trek starts at the village school, with a path leading up to the route to the trek. 

The pinnacle, as seen from the bottom.
The start of the trek, pass through the road going between the 1st and 2nd building.

The final steep climb. Takes approximately 45 minutes to climb. Medium difficulty.

The view of the south side of the mountain.

The convergence of the rivers.


  1. can you help me with a guide for the tandulwadi trek?
    Labhesh Vaidya-

  2. You don't require a guide, but you can still get one from the base village if you enquire about it.